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I am first and foremost a high school dropout. I think a lot and try to do them. Some of my doings is the reason for you to be reading about me. The most important thing which i believe in is "Athiti Devo Bavah".

Do let me know when you are around chennai. Would definitely like to share my thoughts with you and get to know your point of view over our society.

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Here are some videos about me.

I support card swipping practice for every other payments you make.

Thanks for all who've shared your views on my previous status. I accept to the fact that not all will have cards with them. But i drive in the IT corridor of Chennai city. Almost all who ride with me is an IT employee and you think they might not have even a bank account is not so true. I come from a village where it takes 10kms to reach to the nearest hospital and more than 2kms to reach to the nearest bus stop. If i had brought these kind of changes here, what you all have said might be true. It won't be such a great idea to make people ride only those who can pay by cards. Come on people this is Chennai.
I also accept that there is a marginal probability for people to not have cards with them all the time and i'm open to accept cash from them at such scenarios.
When it comes to time consuming, i think this is more time efficient. Every time a person travelling in my auto will have to step down at their stop and most will not have exact fare. Splitting them changes will cause more time than this.
Here i'll pass the swiping machine to my customers and they'll be paying themselves once they get on to ride. which i think is time efficient.
As noted by a friend in the comments section from the previous status, corruption can only be reduced with reduced or no physical money involved. When someone keeps tab on how much a person gives and gets there will be a drastic reduction of corruption. I still have 25 fake notes which were passed on to me by few customers knowingly or unknowingly. To know more

What do i provide?

I provide with around 40 magazines(weekly, daily, monthly) and about 10 newspapers to my fellow travellers. Time being most valuable thing should not be wasted and to be updated with the current events a TV with recently telecasted shows either it be political or moviely. Free Wifi is being provided along with a Tab to browse the wifi with if in case your smart phones battery dies. And i've also added with a laptop and card swipping machine recently, with which you can pay even for a minimum of 10INR.

Free is for all lovers in valentines day, mothers with their kids in mothers day, for all fathers, childrens below 18 and even 50% off on fathers day, childrens day and my birthday respectively. Also i do conduct contest every other month and give away prizes to my customers who get them right.

The main motive for all this is to enrich teens with what they lack which is the considerate knowledge about their society than just to think of me promoting my auto.

Future Plans: An Official Amazing Auto app

An app which can be used to detect my presence through the roads when i'm close to you and to book me out for tours.

Coming Soon

A care center for the needy, aged, troubled and orphaned. We are having a home completely functional very soon.

and yes we are collecting funds. Mail me if you would like to donate.

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  • find me at OMR road